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Thank you for your incredible support in our recent presale! We're thrilled to announce that the sale has been successfully completed. Mark your calendars: the listing on UniSwap is scheduled for Saturday, March 30th. We’ll confirm the exact time soon, so stay connected with us for the latest updates.

Presale Completed - What’s Next?

  • NOBL Token Listing: Set for March 30th on UniSwap. Exact time to be announced.

  • Token Claims: You can now claim your NOBL tokens. Instructions and links below.

  • Continued Updates: Follow us on Telegram and Twitter for real-time information.

Claim Your NOBL Tokens:

  1. Presale from PinkSale

    • Claim the initial 10% of your NOBL tokens now.

    • Vested Balance: Claim an additional portion every 30 days over 6 months, equally split into 6 parts.

    PinkSale Claims

PRIVATE TOKEN CLAIM: You can now claim the initial 10% of your NOBL tokens using the following link:

The remaining balance is vested over a 6-month period. Every 30 days, you're eligible to claim an additional portion, equally split into 6 parts. When ready, use this link to claim your next installment:


Instructions to Claim NOBL Tokens Using MetaMask:

  1. Open MetaMask Wallet: Ensure you have the MetaMask wallet installed on your device.

  2. Import NOBL as a Custom Token:

    • Click on 'Assets' to view your current tokens.

    • Scroll down and click 'Import tokens.'

    • Enter the NOBL contract address: 0x88b9f5c66342eBaf661b3E2836B807C8cb1B3195.

    • The token symbol and decimals should auto-populate. If not, enter 'NOBL' and the appropriate decimals.

    • Click 'Add Custom Token' and then 'Import Tokens.'

  3. Claim Your NOBL Tokens:

    • Go to the provided Hedgey Finance claim link.

    • Connect your MetaMask wallet by selecting it from the wallet options.

    • Follow the on-screen instructions to claim your NOBL tokens.

  4. Trading on Uniswap (Optional):

    • If you wish to trade NOBL tokens, visit Uniswap and connect your MetaMask wallet.

    • Ensure you have sufficient Ethereum (ETH) for transaction fees.

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