Daily Completed Tasks

Built 100% On-Chain - on the Internet Computer: Backend: Rust. Frontend: React + Redux + Typescript

June 19

  • add get metrics apis

  • add get users count feature on admin dashboard

  • add user metrics and local user index map args

  • modify post modal

  • research authentication system with ZKP

June 18th

Backend Updates

  • Added suspended_user's value to all canisters

  • Added confirm method: is_suspended_user(), to check suspended user status on every query and update

  • Added get_category_status method to check if there are new posts in the community page

  • Updated get_posts_by_category to get the new state of every post

  • Added get_users_count_by_role to get the number of users by role in Admin Dashboard

  • Added token expire feature

  • Modified backend APIs with suspend user

  • Modified get posts APIs with admin role and implemented unreport feature on community section

  • Integration on admin page (community and member section)

Frontend Updates

  • Modified dot menus and navbar

  • Modified webpack config

June 17th

  • modify notification interface

  • add new post notification feature

  • modify login apis

  • add category status feature

  • added suspended_user's value to all canister

  • added confirm method: is_suspended_user(), to check suspended user status every query and update on backend.

  • added get_category_status method to get if there are new posts in community page.

  • updated get_posts_by_category to get new state of every posts.

  • added get_users_count_by_role to get the number of users by Role in Admin Dashboard.

Backend Updates June 14

  • Fixed & finalized DOI import API on 3rd party service

  • Analyzed Zero Knowledge Proof ZKP concept

  • Analyzed Chaum-Pedersen protocol for authentication

June 8th - 13th 2024


Backend Updates

  • Implemented author verification process (50% complete) - Adding Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP)

  • Added suspend_user and get_reported_user API

  • Modified reported community and members section

  • Modified backend APIs and completed integration on reports member section

  • Integration on admin members section

  • Role verification system (authors, editors, reviewers)

  • Assigned admin page APIs

  • Reviewed backend repository

  • Created MySQL to store locations

  • Reviewed admin APIs on backend repository

  • Reviewed user_index and local_user_index

  • Added Admin role to user role on backend

  • Added get_reported_users method

  • Added get_reported_posts method

  • Added suspend_user method

  • Added suspend_post method

  • Added set_admin_role method

Frontend Updates

  • Added profile detail view modal on username or avatar

  • Modified follow and message button

  • Worked on DOI import feature

  • Modified onboarding step

  • Added profile detail view modal on posts and publication page

  • Modified input field and info section on onboarding

  • Added navbar minimal version

  • Created reported posts and members page

  • Added admin role, created reports and dashboard

  • Modified admin dashboard page

  • Created user edit page

  • Modified post category scroll bar

We are excited about these improvements and look forward to your feedback. Stay tuned for more updates!

Updates before this date hasn't been added here

March 18th

  • create a new frontend structure

  • create a basic component

March 19th

  • create light/dark theme

  • create Onboarding welcome page

  • create basic components for Onboarding page

March 20th

  • create Login and Join modal

  • create Leaderboard section and Onboarding data section

  • create basic components for Onboarding data section

  • research about the web socket on IC for notification.

  • check worked on chat features

March 21th

  • create Profile type page on join section

  • create Photo page on join section

  • create basic components on join section

March 22th

  • create Basic components and Preview page on join section

  • login integration with backend

March 25th

  • Webpack build environment

  • Backend integration

  • change backend function

  • create store and store api

March 27th

  • update Community section in home page (100%)

  • update Members section in home page (100%)

  • update right panel in home page (90%)

  • change backend api

  • modify response data type

March 28th

  • complete community page

  • create publication page

  • create article page structure

  • backend integration with backend in onboarding section

  • modify onboarding page

March 29th

  • modify backend integration and page

  • create common functions and basic components

March 29th

  • update article page

  • work on addArticle page (40%)

April 1st

  • modify post_index, local_post_index, local_user_index api

  • modify navbar, category, post

April 2nd

  • add home page mobile responsive

  • home page integration

  • modify basic components

  • updated user model and implemented apis related to onboarding page.

April 3rd

  • create mobile responsive in Profile

  • integration with backend

  • create new layout

April 4th

  • work on add_article page (60%)

  • work on setting page (30%)

  • migrated apis for community and implemented trending feature today.

  • complete onboarding integration

  • create new backend api

  • add toast, modify routes

April 5th

  • create setting page ui including mobile responsive

  • update add_article page mobile responsive

  • added get_trending_posts method in post_index canister.

  • added get_suggested_users method in user_index canister.

  • modify home integration

  • modify basic components

  • create post modal

April 6th - 7th

  • added get_posts_by_users method in post_index

  • added get_posts_by_ids method in post_index

  • deployed new backend and frontend for test on ICP

  • update publication mobile responsive

  • update article page mobile responsive

  • fix some ui issue on add_article page

  • create post modal

  • modify home basic components

  • complete post modal, modify integration

April 8th - 9th

  • added and assigned tickets to fix issues on Onboarding, Community and Members.

  • updated get_user method.

  • updated new_post method.

  • added new local user canister.

  • profile integration

  • create new onboarding page

  • fix issue

  • modify post , suggest, navbar

  • modify login and join modal

  • modify post modal, home page

April 10th

  • added get_social_link in user_index

  • added set_social_link in user_index

  • added discord/instagram handles to social links in user model

  • modify layout and onboarding step

  • add header, footer

  • modify profile, fix issue in ui

  • update add article page (used and modified ckeditor)

April 11st

  • fix 8 issues/feedback

  • create following/follower page

  • update add_article (60%, customize ckEditor)

  • added get_users_by_ids method in user_index canister

  • added set_role method in local_usr_index canister

  • updated set_social_link method in user_index canister

  • fixed check_user_name method in user_index canister

  • added post_deleted event on all canisters

  • updated set_profile method in local_user_index

  • fix feedbacks

April 12th - 13th

  • modify backend apis

  • integration on follows, post detail page

  • integration on profile & social profile in setting page

  • modify routes, basic components

April 15th

  • modify account, route, navbar, profile, link

  • modify post detail & home page(with category)

  • fix feedbacks

April 16th

  • modify community and member in home

  • modify post detail with params

  • modify country name alphabet order

April 17th

  • change setting page

  • add post in profile and member section

  • modify mobile menu

April 18th

  • modify setting & fix feedback

  • modify link in account

  • create article layout and modify component

April 17th - April 19th

  • updated set_profile_2 method in user_index_canister

  • updated set_profile method in local_user_index canister

  • updated set_article_detail method in local_article_index canister

April 19th - 20th

  • modify article info

  • create article layout

  • add ckeditor and integration on article info

  • integration on cover letter, abstract and main article

  • integration on supplemental information, editor and agreement

  • fix security issues

April 21th

  • updated success_login information in user_index canister

  • added switch_user_role in user_index canister

  • updated user_role

  • updated methods related to invite editor/reviewer process

  • updated corresponding_author in set_article_detail method

April 22th

  • fixed issues on local_article and post_index canister

  • added get_article_info method in article_index canister

  • updated get_article_detail method

  • modify integration in article

  • create autocomplete component

  • create article action page

April 23th

  • integration on publication

  • integration on article action

  • add role change feature in Navbar and Account

  • updated search_users_by_username method in user_index canister

  • updated get_article_info method

April 24th

  • integration on article detail, invite editor and reviewer

  • delete and edit article feature in publication page

  • modify backend apis

April 25th

  • integration on publications and article action page

  • modify navbar, setting, invitation page

  • add specific user feature in post modal, modify leave modal

  • create decline modal and modify routes

  • add Expired token feature

  • fix mobile toggle issue

April 26th -29th

  • fix dot control icon issue on publication

  • fix scroll bar issue of peer review section

  • fix image show issue on publication

  • fix comment modal issue

  • fix show more issue on profile section

  • fix ui layout issue of profile section

  • fix content save issue on create article step

  • create decline modal and invitation page

  • modify routes, settings and register section

  • modify profile page

  • integration like and download feature on image modal

  • integration revision and publication article page

  • modify articleTab, revision

  • modify post modal, add article route

  • modify continue action on add article section

April 30th

  • modify backend apis and create comment modal

  • add comment using comment modal in home and profile page

  • modify header and home layout

  • modify profile and follows layout

  • modify setting, add article layout

  • modify article action, publication, article view layout

April 29th

  • updated get_article_info

  • updated get_posts_by_category

April 30th

  • checked feedbacks and added ticket

  • implemented cities database on canister

May 1

  • checked feedbacks and added ticket

  • checked notification and SMS feature on oc

  • fix thumb up icon issue

  • fix landing page desktop tab issue

  • fix landing page mobile tab issue

  • integration comment reply

  • add comment feature on image modal

  • modify header on landing page

May 2nd

  • modify landing header position

  • modify post detail load logic and comment

  • post view loading speed

May 3rd

  • optimized on published article view section

  • change get data function in article view

May 4th-5th

  • change load article data api

  • add skeleton in published article view

  • change profile url, avatar

  • modify role sub menu in navbar

  • create sample project for DOI import

  • make DOI metadata import function

May 6th

  • optimized edit article, article action

  • modify hamburger Menu

  • remove skeleton in published article view and article action page

  • modify category color, settings, postItem

  • checked new chat feature, notification and email feature.

  • checked new chat project structure

  • checked user verification step on docs

  • update DOI import ui

  • get and display DOI metadata

May 7th

  • fix abstract render issue

  • create footer

  • modify menu item in header

  • modify avatar in profile

  • optimize backend apis in profile

May 8th

  • research api to get abstract (elsevier, google scholar, crossref)

  • research developer guide of elsvier

  • optimized in profile page

  • add verified role in profile page

  • optimize backend apis in home page

May 9th

  • check user role docs and updated user model

  • updated set_profile method

May 11- 12

  • modify posts page

  • add comment feature to comment

  • create new comment item component

  • modify profile section in setting page

  • modify links in footer

  • add load more feature in posts

  • modify close feature in post and comment modal

  • modify backend apis

  • modify role input fields in profile section in setting page

  • modify links in footer, fix feedbacks

May 13th

  • updated get_article_info and get_posts method's parameter

  • updated user model & set_profile method

  • added report_post method into post_index

  • fixed deleted post

  • updated live site with new UI

  • fixed issues during deploying live site

  • updated user_index canister

May 14 - 15th

  • modify comment item and role

  • modify verified roles in setting page

  • fix feedbacks in live site

  • fix feedbacks in mobile version

  • modify first and last name validation feature

  • fix feedbacks in settings, profile, account and avatar

  • fix feedbacks in onboarding section

  • fix feedbacks in settings, posts, and header

  • fix profile page loading speed

Backend Updates (May 15 - 20):

  • Prevented external URLs from canisters.

  • Developed the location_index canister.

  • Migrated backend APIs to update settings and onboarding sections.

  • Added followers and block_users functionality in local_user_index.

  • Updated the get_users_by_ids method.

  • Removed unused methods and updated the get_posts_by_ids method.

  • Added mute and block state in user detail.

  • Updated and fixed issues with the delete_comment method.

Frontend Updates:

  • Added a share feature.

  • Modified utility links.

  • Updated the "About Me" and feedback sections.

  • Added report and block features.

  • Modified the right layout position when scrolling down.

  • Updated following and followers displays.

These tasks have been successfully integrated into the project, enhancing both the backend and frontend components.

May 21st

Backend Updates:

  • Added the report_user method in user_index.

  • Removed the title from userfeedback.

  • Added degree, country, and city into register_profile.

  • Added location and bio into UserSummary.

  • Added location into SuccessLogin.

  • Updated search users to show only members who have completed their profile.

Frontend Updates:

  • Modified the onboarding process.

  • Modified the settings page.

  • Modified feedbacks.

Upcoming Integration with Other Platforms:

  • Researching ZKLink for crosschain integration.

  • Creating a NOBL token contract for Arbitrum.

  • Creating a NOBL token contract for BASE.

  • Creating a NOBL token contract for Solana.

  • Creating a NOBL token contract for Polygon.

  • Creating a NOBL token contract for Binance Chain.

These updates and upcoming integrations aim to enhance the functionality and reach of the NobleBlocks platform.

May 22th

  • update NOBL token contract for Arbitrum.io (add mint, block user, enable/disable trade feature)

  • design cross-chain architecture according to ZKlink research result

May 23 - 26

  • Tested NOBL Arbitrum token contract on testnet

  • Fixed / modified some features on token contract

  • Developed notification canister

  • Research zkLink for NOBL token crosschain again

  • Research standard bridge of Base chain

  • Research ckERC20 for ckNOBL creation

  • Made our own minimal text editor

  • Integrating editor into our project

May 27

  • Worked on ckNOBL integration (15%)

  • analyze ckETH/ckERC20 source code

Backend Updates (May 28-30):

  1. Added repost method into post_index canister.

  2. Added add_blob_references method into local_article_index canister.

  3. Added get_blob_references method into local_article_index canister.

  4. Tested notification canister locally.

Frontend Updates (May 28-30):

  1. Integrating WYSIWYG editor with the article posting section.

  2. Fixed UI feedback regarding the settings page, profile page, and posts feed.

  3. Added image feature in the WYSIWYG editor.

Additional Work (May 28-30):

  1. Worked on ckNOBL integration.

June 1st - 5th

Backend Tasks Completed:

  1. Merged notifications canister into backend.

  2. Implemented notification pusher to fetch data from canister and push notifications to service.

  3. Added notification APIs.

  4. Added service worker for web push notifications.

  5. Modified service worker for web push notifications.

  6. Worked on ckNOBL proposal.

  7. Worked on ZKLink integration.

  8. Worked on NOBL token creation on ZKLink Nova.

  9. Worked on zkLink Nova chain integration.

  10. Researched ZKP (Chaum-Pedersen protocol) for user authentication.

  11. Discussed ckNOBL on Dfinity forum.

  12. Discussed ckNOBL with a Dfinity team member.

Frontend Tasks Completed:

  1. Fixed UI-Audit feedback on settings, profile, and posts.

  2. Added image feature in editor.

  3. Modified verified role badge in user profile.

  4. Modified check validation in editor, posts, and pop-up menu in the header.

  5. Added media link and removed 'Get NOBL' link in the header.

June 6th

  • modify service worker register

  • modify notification backend apis

  • modify onboarding and setting page

June 7th

  • add notification store, modify service-worker

  • modify notification apis and types

  • create notification popups

  • modify Gender option in setting page

  • modify Profile mobile version

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