Road Map

NobleBlocks Development Roadmap

We are taking a flexible approach to our roadmap to ensure that we can adapt to new technology trends as they emerge. This roadmap is only for 6 -12 months. Our roadmap includes the following stages:

Community Section Launch and Backend Development (Completed):

  • News feed for user-generated posts and updates.

  • Member directory with profiles of reviewers, scientists, authors, and general users.

  • Integration of an events feature for listing and discovering relevant community and industry events.

  • A jobs feature to facilitate employment opportunities within the scientific community.

Review Feature Development: ( backend completed - Frontend 90% completed)

  • Manuscript submission and management system.

  • Peer review process with transparency and fairness, supported by blockchain.

  • Bounty system to reward reviewers and encourage thorough analysis.

Fund raising

  • Strategy for investor engagement and token distribution.

UI update

Update and optimize the overall user experience of the platform to make the it easier to use:

June 2024

Implementing ZKP-Based Identity and Credential Verification

Objective: Develop a decentralised, securea login on the Internet Computer.

  1. User Registration

    • Create unique identifiers for researchers.

  2. Credential Verification

    • Implement a system for verifying researchers' credentials.

  3. Activity Linking

    • Enable linking of academic activities to researchers' profiles.

  4. API and SDK Development

    • Develop tools to allow integration with other platforms.

Goal: Enhance trust and integrity in scientific publishing and collaboration by offering a more secure, private, and decentralised verification system.

Collaboration Feature Implementation:

  • Tools for research collaboration, including shared workspaces and document management.

  • Communication features for real-time discussion and collaboration among researchers.

  • Project management tools tailored for scientific research projects.

Community Building Initiatives:

  • Engagement with the DeSci community across various social media platforms.

  • Collaborations with influencers and thought leaders in the science and blockchain sectors.

  • Active participation and content creation on social platforms to drive engagement.

Scientist Onboarding:

  • Onboarding resources like guides and tutorials.

  • User support for scientists new to the platform.

  • Outreach programs targeting research institutions and individual researchers.


  • Incorporating Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH

  • Ordinals inscription

Real time communication

  • Live chat and private messaging feature for real-time communication.

  • Collaboration tools

AI features includes:

1) Cross-disciplinary Insights: The potential to draw links between studies across different disciplines, paving the way for interdisciplinary meta-studies. This can contribute to a broader understanding and novel insights into complex research questions. 2) Automated summaries: Generate brief summaries of each paper to help readers quickly understand the key points of the study without having to read the entire paper. 3) Predictive trends analysis: Predict trends in different areas of research based on the papers being submitted and published. This could assist researchers in identifying emerging fields or popular subjects.

4) Sentiment analysis: To analyze the tone and sentiment of reviews, providing authors with more nuanced feedback and helping reviewers and editors to maintain a constructive and respectful tone. 5) Reviewer matching: This will help to pair manuscripts with the most suitable reviewers based on the content of the paper and the reviewer's expertise, which can help to expedite the review process.

6) Text to voice app

And many more features.

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