Token Claim 2

Welcome! If you've participated in our private sale or received tokens through a giveaway, you can claim your NOBL tokens here. Keep checking back, as we'll regularly update your balance for claiming.

PRIVATE TOKEN CLAIM: You can now claim the initial 10% of your NOBL tokens using the following link:

Claim 10% NOBL Tokens - Private Sale

The remaining balance is vested over a 6-month period. Every 30 days, you're eligible to claim an additional portion, equally split into 6 parts. When ready, use this link to claim your next installment:

Claim Vested NOBL Tokens - Private Sale

Updated Claim


Claim your free tokens here


Instructions to Claim NOBL Tokens Using MetaMask:

  1. Open MetaMask Wallet: Ensure you have the MetaMask wallet installed on your device.

  2. Import NOBL as a Custom Token:

    • Click on 'Assets' to view your current tokens.

    • Scroll down and click 'Import tokens.'

    • Enter the NOBL contract address: 0x88b9f5c66342eBaf661b3E2836B807C8cb1B3195.

    • The token symbol and decimals should auto-populate. If not, enter 'NOBL' and the appropriate decimals.

    • Click 'Add Custom Token' and then 'Import Tokens.'

  3. Claim Your NOBL Tokens:

    • Go to the provided Hedgey Finance claim link.

    • Connect your MetaMask wallet by selecting it from the wallet options.

    • Follow the on-screen instructions to claim your NOBL tokens.

  4. Trading on Uniswap (Optional):

    • If you wish to trade NOBL tokens, visit Uniswap and connect your MetaMask wallet.

    • Ensure you have sufficient Ethereum (ETH) for transaction fees.

Vesting and Cliff Explained:

In the context of NOBLEBLOCKS' $NOBL token, "cliff" and "vesting" are terms related to the distribution or unlocking of tokens to investors, team members, or advisors over a specific period. Here's a breakdown using your example:

  1. 1-Month Cliff:

    • This means that there is a one-month period after the Token Generation Event (TGE) during which no $NOBL tokens are distributed or unlocked. Essentially, it's a waiting period before the vesting process begins.

  2. 6-Months Vesting:

    • After the one-month cliff, the $NOBL tokens begin to vest over a six-month period. Vesting is the gradual release or unlocking of tokens, which means that the token recipients gradually gain access to the tokens over these six months.

  3. 10% at TGE:

    • This indicates that 10% of the total allocated $NOBL tokens are made available to the recipients immediately at the time of the Token Generation Event. The remaining 90% would then be subject to the one-month cliff and subsequent six-month vesting period.

In practical terms, let's say an individual is allocated 1000 $NOBL tokens. At TGE, they would immediately receive 10% of this, which is 100 tokens. The remaining 900 tokens would be subject to the vesting schedule. They would have to wait one month (the cliff period) before any more tokens are released. After this one-month cliff, the vesting of the remaining 900 tokens would start, spread evenly over the next six months.

This system is often used to incentivize long-term commitment and alignment of interests among the token holders with the project's success. By staggering the distribution of tokens, it helps prevent immediate sell-offs and encourages a more stable token ecosystem.

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